True Blood Season 5: “Buried” Tease


Signed True Blood Comics Charity Auction

“Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, the True Blood stars who play Vampire Bill
Compton and telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, are auctioning a set of
autographed True Blood comics for charity!

Starting Friday, October 28 at 6 p.m. EDT Simply Moyer will auction seven
True Blood comics signed by Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer to benefit their
charity, Facing the World. Actor Robert Portal and trainer James Cash,
will row across the Atlantic starting December 4 to raise money for Facing
the World. Link to Auction

Robert Portal is a long-time friend of Stephen Moyer’s, serving as best
man when Stephen and Anna Paquin were married last summer. James Cash is
a highly-respected personal trainer in London.

All proceeds of the auction, minus fees, will benefit Stephen Moyer’s
charity, Facing the World. For more about the auction and Facing the
Atlantic/Facing the World, please visit SimplyMoyer.com after the
auction begins.”


When did @VampireBill get a helicopter?

How did I miss this helicopter purchase? I feel like such a bad Queen Belle….


Want to See Your Name On the Facing the Atlantic Boat?

Hot off the presses from Simply Moyer….

“We’ve got a great new contest for y’all to play and a terrific prize! All you do is write a caption for the photo, donate $5 (3.20 GBP) to Facing the Atlantic on their JustGiving site, and send the caption and your donation receipt to smadmin@simplymoyer.com! Easy peasy!

Bertie Portal, one half of the Facing the Atlantic/Facing the World cross-Atlantic rowing team, and his partner, the lovely Samantha Scott Thomas, will judge the entries. The winner will see his or her name on James and Bertie’s boat, ‘Patience’!

That’s right, your name will row across the Atlantic with James and Bertie as they raise money and awareness for Stephen Moyer’s favorite charity, Facing the World! What a great gift for yourself or a friend or family member – the holidays are coming!

Here are the contest rules:

Write a caption for the photo. You can be as naughty or nice as you feel.

Each entry costs a $5 donation to FTA on their JustGiving page. Send your caption and your donation receipt to smadmin@simplymoyer.com

Write TB4FTA and Simply Portal in the comment section of the JustGiving donation page. Don’t forget!

You may enter as often as you like with as many captions as you like.

Sam and Bertie will choose the winning entry.

Winner gets their name on Bertie and James’ boat, ‘Patience.’

Contest begins right now and ends Wednesday, October 5 at noon.

Let’s get this party started! Here’s the photo for your captions …

For more information, visit Simply Moyer


We Will Never Forget

Flipping through channels in my apartment, I watched the second tower being hit while eating a bowl of cereal. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it and even after ten years, it’s still hard to put into words what I felt that morning witnessing that with my 4 year old in the room and wondering what sort of world I had brought him and his sister into.

What happened that day was not just an attack on America, but on love, hope and humanity. It may have brought down buildings and taken valuable lives, but it failed to accomplish the goal that I believe it set out to; killing the spirit and power that is the United States and it’s people. It brought us together in a way not seen in this country for decades and managed to prove that we DO live in the greatest country on Earth where the people look out and care for those around them. That’s something no one can ever take away no matter how terrible the trespass against us.

God Bless the brave men and women who gave their lives that day, both willingly and by force, and those who have every day since  to prove that hate and terror can never kill the spirit of America.


In the V Team Van with @VampireBill

VampireBill *attempting rest, it is difficult with @Eric_OfArea5‘s big foot in my back, and a grenade launcher

between my legs, growls*

SheiroQ @VampireBill *zips lips* I will NOT say what I was thinking. *can’t breathe*

MeeMawBellefleu *dies laughing* Not like he’s over-compensating… much. *belle smile* @VampireBill @Eric_OfArea5

smeykunz @VampireBill That’s a grenade launcher? I thought it was…..well nevermind.

VampireBill @smeykunz @sheiroQ *sleepy fanged grin* It was @MeemawBellefleu‘s Benelli.

SheiroQ You NAMED him too? *snickering* RT @VampireBill: @smeykunz @sheiroQ *sleepy fanged grin* It was @MeemawBellefleu‘s Benelli.

smeykunz @VampireBill Don’t sell yourself short, Bill. Grenade launcher was, I think, much more appropriate. @sheiroQ @MeemawBellefleu

nothoney @smeykunz @VampireBill Whoa! I came in late on that one but think I get the drift … @SheiroQ @MeeMawBellefleu

VampireBill @nothoney @smeykunz @SheiroQ @MeeMawBellefleu *opens one eye* I honestly did not mean that the way it sounded. Now that you mention it.

VampireBill @nothoney @smeykunz @SheiroQ @MeeMawBellefleu *FANGS* Naughty, naughty Belles. *goes back to rest for good this time*


VampireBill *thinks about waking @Eric_ofArea5 and @Pam_Ravenscroft up by opening the back doors and putting the gas pedal to the floor, chuckles*


Eric_ofArea5 *awoken prematurely by incoming text – seizing opportunity to tie @VampireBill‘s combat boot laces together and draw on his face* #trueblood


VampireBill *RISES OUT OF THE VAN* What the? *falls over, as my boots have been tied by my Sheriff, GROWLS* @Eric_ofArea5

VampireBill *fixing the ties on my combat boots, looks @Pam_Ravenscroft with her head securely tucked into @Eric_ofArea5‘s backside, grins*

VampireBill *sitting in the front seat of the van, looks in mirror notices a drawing on my face, FANGS* @Eric_ofArea5 !! THIS IS WAHR! *POPS FANGS*


VampireBill Excuse me for a moment. I have to go and gas up the van.

AndyBellefleur You got a car out by Fort Bellefleur @VampireBill? Hitch hiking don’t work so well when cars think ya a real lazy undercover sting.

VampireBill @AndyBellefleur *stares at you in disbelief* No. I do not have a car in the area. However, you may help yourself to a Fresca in my home.

AndyBellefleur @VampireBill Huh. Cold? Heard ya got some fancy porch lights. Hoped that was a signal the fridge arrived too.

VampireBill @AndyBellefleur It has. I had some work done to the old Compton place. *stares at you*

AndyBellefleur @VampireBill Make sure ya call off the snipers too. Carbonation an’ surprise ain’t a good mix.


VampireBill @LorenaTheMaker Speaking of death and stench. Where has @WereCoot gone off to? He has not seen my home improvements.

VampTalbot @VampireBill I believe @WereCoot and Tommy Mickens are in the lounge comparing flea remedies. Over a Zima. #RPsThatWontDie


VampireBill @LorenaTheMaker As you are still a vampire from Area 5, I demand that you address me as your Majesty. *FANGS* No more William.

LorenaTheMaker @VampireBill Oooo, kinky. *grins* I would be happy to oblige your highness. *FANGS*


VampireBill @JessicaHamby Are you ready for this? *feelings of apprehension*

JessicaHamby Hell yeah I’m ready for this, @VampireBill! Let’s eat some faces #TrueBlood


VampireBill *forces myself to wake, grabs a permanent hot pink marker and writes on @Eric_ofArea5‘s forehead* I LIKE DICK. *ROARING LAUGHTER*

VampireBill *takes @Pam_Ravencroft‘s hair and ties it into knots around the seat release lever* Take that, silver spray bitch. *goes back to rest*


Civil War Story Time With @VampireBill

Occasionally, The Man treats us to stories of his past. Generally they are not in an effort to put other characters to sleep. I am pretty sure this failed miserably in that capacity as everyone was in hysterics…..
VampireBill @Eric_ofArea5 Die? I was in the Civil War *trails off, starts recalling my time in the war, making you and @Marnie_TB sleepy*

*continues on with yet another tale of battle* We marched all night, some had no shoes, we had not eaten for days…

*continues on* Then we heard it. The faint sounds of battle from afar, we knew we had arrived, and it was bloody…..

*continuing* We bedded down that night, in the blood soaked grass of our fallen brothers. Hungry….

*continues on* Hungry, low on ammunition, the rain coming down. Yet, we survived to tell.

The next day, the sun came up over the hill with the promise of a better day. *goes on*

*still talking* Tolliver Humphries was my friend…..

I had just shaved and was traveling home. I was hungry. On my journey, I saw a cabin.

LorenaTheMaker @VampireBill This is my favorite part of the story. *beams, listens intently*

VampireBill @LorenaTheMaker *FANGS* I was hungry. YOU stole my life. And now you are part of the wood in that Mississippi Farm house.


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